Jesus healed me from insomnia and gave me freedom

Rejoicing in Freedom

I am unbelievably thankful for my prayer session yesterday? I cannot believe the soul lies my heart was harboring…and I rejoice in the freedom of Joy, Life, Hope, and Power in Christ! My mind is just beginning to… Read More

Exhaustion was lifted off

Testimony: Life Changing Experience

I’ve known for years, that I needed some sort of life changing experience — what I know now as a bondage breaker. The bondage was caused by ancestral curses.  I found out before my appointment that several of… Read More

It’s the Lord’s will to heal

Testimony after  Healing Prayer 101 Training

Testimony: I am free

The Lord is good.! I am free from all the fear I once had.

Testimony: Remove blocks

Your ministry has made a huge difference in my life and in my marriage. I would recommend it to every Christian who wants to remove all blocks to living the life Jesus Christ died on the Cross to… Read More

Testimony: Made sense to a lifetime of mysteries

I just want to thank you so much for your heart, your time, and commitment you had in facilitating my healing and deliverance yesterday. I’m so blessed by every second you spent with me, and I’m in awe… Read More

Testimony: Physical and Emotional Healing

I had a SKYPE prayer deliverance session with Barbara a month ago, and wanted to report a huge praise, and thank you for all you are doing there.  I am surprised and pleased to say that I believe… Read More